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The Medical Billing Franchise

In the coming year, more than $1.2 Trillion will be spent on healthcare. The nation's 60 million baby boomers are graying, and the growth of health care to handle their ever-growing needs has never been greater! Every city large and small in America and even the remote rural towns are filling with health care providers. Health care offices need you! And you don't even have to leave your home while making more money than working in the offices of a major corporation.

Today, there are more than 1,700 health care plans. Health care offices find 78 percent of their time is spent handling claims and only 22 percent dealing with patients. That's a more than 3-to-1 ratio of paperwork over people.

Even though the nation's overall business environment is highly computerized and electronically adept, it is estimated that approximately 70% of all medical offices currently use outdated computer and/or software systems. Insofar as the remaining 30% are computerized with new or relatively new hardware and software, they generally utilize several non-integrated software systems that necessitate entering data in multiple places for each patient. This double or triple entry is tedious, time-consuming, error-prone, and therefore costly - That's 100 percent of the market that can use a MedOffice™ Professional!

As a MedOffice™ Professional, you'll successfully market your claims billing services to doctors because you can immediately improve their cash flow, The MedOffice™ system lets health care professionals cut through the myriad of paperwork, reduce outstanding claims, cut labor costs and increases profits! That's because MedOffice™ claims are processed within 7-18 days instead of the traditional 70 days using paper claims. And MedOffice™ is virtually error-proof compared to 35 percent of faulty paper claims that will need another 90 days to resolve.

PLUS, with MedOffice™ Systems, you can offer assistance in back-office routines that free caregivers to handle even more patients, which further increases their cash flow and reduces labor time and administrative costs. What could be better?

Faster claims processing! Increased efficiency in daily office operation! Increased profits! Decreased processing costs! Wide-open markets! MedOffice™ Professional's exclusive software system does it all from your home office!

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